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Visualising your wedding! Helpful tips

Planning and preparing suppliers for your wedding day can be hard BUT we have the perfect recipe to help you visualise your big day.

1. Speak to your suppliers – How easy was that? One of the main things we seem to forget when planning our big day is that with the right supplier, they have the expertise & knowledge that can answer all our questions and solve our worries all in one go BUT you must ask to find out! Remember suppliers know what they are doing! Still struggling? why not ask them if they could meet you at the venue to go through what they will do on the day, where items will be set up? What their thoughts are of an idea you came up with? Asking to advise off the professionals should not be so hard and sometimes can ease the stress of the planning stages, so put pen to paper and write your worries down BUT of course do not expect always expect this for free.

2. Keep or create an inspiration board that is full of the items you “REQUIRE” not what you expect. Yes, I am talking about Pinterest. Pinterest is great for wedding inspiration and you can get so many useful ideas from there but remind yourself we do not live in America so those woodland, festoon lighting pictures does not represent the venue you have just put a deposit on. Instead, be realistic with your planning and tick off the items you really need and ask yourself questions like what do I like for table centres? Do I want small or tall? Candle lit or flowery? What style is my wedding, modern rustic, elegant. These questions will help shape your wedding and help you be realistic about your expectations and unknowingly will also help in guide you to trusting that one supplier you have been watching for so long. Most couples take an interest in certain suppliers because they have the same or similar style to what you like which is why you may find yourself telling your partner “ I need to book them”

3. Allow yourself to focus on one area at a time, do not rush into making decisions and booking all your suppliers in 5 days because you got too excited. Preparing, researching, and visualising is all part and parcel with planning your big day. Take time, make a tick list of areas you want i.e photography, Venue dressing etc and focus on these areas rather than them all at the same time then changing your mind halfway down the line. Remember the key word in “Planning a wedding” Plan do not rush.

4. Finally, whilst we all want the fairy tale ending, we also need to accept that sometimes things may not go as planned. Prepare yourself into thinking you have done everything you can and what will be will be. Enjoy every minute of your day no matter what!

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